Bff perils

My BFF called me out today about the way she feels I have been treating her.

How the hell do I tell her that I think her BF (my nickname for him is Sugar daddy, aka SD) is sleazy, that she deserves better, that he is creepy and that I can’t stand him?? And that since I can’t say much positive about him, I prefer to stay out of it at all!!

(I did told her that i don’t thing dating him is a good idea, I told her why, and yet she went back, so I am left standing next to her, watching her thinking she is happy but knowing that she is bending backwards for him and he doesn’t even realise it.

I always feel ba giving relationship advice, not really having experiences with that, but I do see good relationships and bad relationships when watching people around me, and what she has, that is a bad one.

I can’t really “accept her the way she is”, that  is not something I do, so just standing by and pretending all is well is impossible, but saying is straight would ruin our friendship. This is not a frikking movie or a book when people look each other in the eye, tell people what they REALLY think and then say to each other that they forgive them.

Real life ain’t like that. In real life, you remember certain sentences for life. And they can bring tears to your eyes even when you only think about it for a second.

So no, I don’t trust in being open and honest with each other. So I am a judging friend. (Yes, I belive in judging people, too. What you do affects me, so I have a right to tell you about your actions and have feelings about it. You should too. )

That was just a huge revelation right now, I now can see what I feel about my group therapy, why I never feel comfortable and never share too much about what I think about others…Not important for this subject, but it was an aha moment.

I know what I’ll say when we talk about this, I was so shocked today that I didn’t really know what to say, and since I have a hard time telling her I think her SD is an asshole, I don’t really have much to say.

Hope all goes well…


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