The countdown; 7 & 10 days!

my ortho appointment is next saturday, so I hope she will finally take the stupid power chain off! It’s been on for over two months and I swear, the minute I blogged about how the discoloration is not noticeable, it started to bother me!!

I am also a bit concerned about me grinding down the thingies that were suppose to stop my teeth from touching – I am doing my best to have my tounge between them, or just move it in that position so they don’t touch the braces, but I can’t do it the whole time – especially not at night!

Well, I’ll see in a week what she says!

In ten days, I’ll be traveling to see my friends! I am already writing notes and discovering I have no fall clothes. Summer clothes, check. Winter clothes, check. But pretty spring/autumn clothes?? Non existing. Darn. I’ll have to find some accessories, or do what I hate to do, do some cross-styling and combine some summer and fall clothes to make them prettier. Hate doing that. And I have no idea what the weather will be like, so I can’t really pack, just do different combinations in my head, wich sucks.

Just FYI, I am not really complaining, i am just letting of steam, I am really looking forward to it!!!


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