Milk, sugar, oatmeal, mango

I used to just cooked oatmeal in the water, and then added a bit of jam, and I tought “ok, it’s healthy and not awful, I’ll be ok. ”

But a few days ago, I forgot to “wash it” – somehow I felt I needed to do that before and a bit of milk and sugar.


I cut some mango in it, but IMHO, it’s not a good fit.

The way I did it; one part oatmeal two part water and a dash of sat, cook on a medium to low flame for about 15 minutes, take off the flame, put into another bowl, add some sugar and milk. Enjoy.


My side

I am sorry for being away.

My BFF for over 20 years threw some serious accusations a me, and I am pretty sure she read my emails.
I am not sure, but now I do know how violation feels like. I changed my passwords, but I still have a bad feeling communicating via internet…

So, I will try to get over my feeling, but the topics might not be very personal for a while.

Ginger bob

Spend 5 hours at the much awaited hairdressers yesterday!

I now have light brown and copper hair – obviously highlights and lowlights aren’t cool anymore, I have this sections, but they are not harsh, the transitions are unnoticeable.

I hadn’t had this short hair in over 8 years – I can’t even pull it into ponytail! And he cut my bangs asymmetrical and a tad too short, but I can rock it until they grow out.

All in all, I am happy!

Mash potatoes, my grannie style

Peel the potatoes.

Cut them – since you’ll mash them later anyway, the pieces can be small.

Put them in a pan with water so the water covers them, salt the water, and bring it to a boil. It will depands how large the potatoes are untill its cooked, roughly 15 minutes. Try sticking a fork or a knife into it, if it goes easy, they are done.


Pour some milk into it, put it back on the fire, and wait for it to boil (I didn’t know that, I saw it the first time today when grannie was making it). Add some butter and (oh, after it boils, put it off the fire); mash. You can either use potato masher or a kitchen mixer.


Sometimes trying to do good backfires…

Just  got a text (more of them at once, actually) from my BFF, out of the blue; accusing me how I treat her, how I changed, how I am not listening.

All that because I tried to do good and just stay out it. I know her, I said something when it was time and it did not work, and since I felt I can only hurt our friendship by mixing myself into it, I stayed out.

And in return I got that I hurt her.

Now, even though I belive in telling the truth, I hate confrontations. I don’t have good experience with them. My parents are divorced, my experience is that confrontations are final. So even though she says she wants it, and I think it would be good, I am terrified of it. Petrified.

Maybe I’ll just text back my side of the story, along with saying yes to her invitation to a talk.

I’m crying, I can’t breathe, my chest are tigh…I am sad.

The unemployed grinning bookfairy

Yesterday, on 10th 10th of 2010, I registered to unemployment agency.

I’ve done it together with my BFF, our student status ran out and we had to do it (much more fun to do bureaucracy stuff with someone, even though this was not a happy occasion. ). So, now I am officially unemployed.

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