Tea time

I love tea. I have drank nothing but peppermint tea for a whole year. No water, no alcohol, just cold peppermint tea.

Now, I drink everything, and have come into a habit of drinking black tea in the morning (I even bother with real leaves; I use a tea ball. ) 🙂  )

Since I don’t drink coffee, I use black tea with caffeine; I have grand Yunnan and Saint-james Orange pekoe; but I also like to drink Green tea with vanilla flavour (No idea how the proper names are, sorry).

I always use plenty of sugar; I know that in every “living healthy”book, article or any other kind of advice it says “don’t sugar your tea, don’t drink the sweet drinks and soda, drink water. But – since I a)don’t drink soda b)aside from tea, only drink water and c) I don’t like the taste of tea if it’s not sweetened, I sugar it 🙂
I once found a tea shop with a very helpful sales girl; I am just extending what she told me (this is for the black or green tea);

  • do not use honey. It has very strong notes and it will completely change the taste.
  • The more “grounded” the leaves are, the more potent the flavour is, so you’ll have to use milk.
  • You can use the same leaves twice; green tea is more delicate, you have to re-use it a few hours later; black is stronger, it can wait longer – but when you use it for the second time, you leave it in fir a few minutes longer.
  • She told me to leave mine for 3-4 minutes the first and 4-6 minutes the second. And I really obey! Oh – and do not put it in boiling water – wait until it cools down, it has to have around 95 degrees (again, that is for the tea we talked about, so I am not claiming it’s like that for all of them!)

I have  a new ritual; I used to just made myself one cup, but now I dug up an old china teapot and dainty cup, I put it on the tray, decorated with a nice napkin, and then I pur myself one small cup after another while checking the newest gossip…ahh…


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