Yellow string beans; warm and cold

For this salad, I like to use yellow string beans beast.

Wash and cut the ends of the beans. Cook them – no idea how long, my mom always does it; I always have the feeling its long. I guess you just do it untill they are completely soft.

Now, if you want them hot, you just dump a bit of crème fraiche/sour cream (if there is a diference, I don’t know it)  -like one spoonful- on the side of the plate, and you’ll get a delicious and super healthy meal.

Or, you can wait them to get cold, and make a salad.

There are two options I would like to present to you; both have choped onion and garlic in it.

You can use the crème fraiche/sour cream again, but this time mix it all together.

The other version, you just season it with oil and vinegar.


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