The body shop haul!!

I don’t know how many products you have to buy that it counts as a haul, , but I got 4 while on my trip and I am a very happy camper!

We don’t have a The body shop shop here, and since what you can’t get is usually something you want the most to have, I always try to get something.

Encounter, once again, the  money shortage problem. I found  soap bar very quickly (had a same soap in creamy for before and I liked it, and this was one-third of a price), but it didn’t feel enough. Now, I have already learned that with expensive cosmetic product, I have to get skin care. If I get something body hair related, I’ll save it “for special occasions” and since they are not frequent in my life, the stuff will go bad and I’ll be angry at myself.

so I didn’t even turn toward the body care isles, I just stood before skin care, picking up items, and moving like I would have to pee, because my rind was with me (zero interests in lotions & potions) we were late, and everything was soooo expensive…

But then, as I give up, and turn towards the cashier, I see a discount table. It was big products, 5€ for one, 8€ for two, and 12€ for three products, which is like, awesome! (12ml face moisturizer was 15€, for comparison). AND it was a great selection, face, body, hair care, everything! So I got each of everything; a facial tonic, a face moisturizer, and a hair conditioner. As I understood, they were “old” favourites (not as in “they have been on the shelves for a very long time and we need to sell them” but as in “classical” old.

So far, I’ve tried the tonic and the hair conditioner, and I liked them; I still have to use my coconut oil moisturizer and at least one out of three conditioner/hair mask I have in the bathroom (yes, I consider three a lot, I am the only one in the family with long hair so I think if too many products are opened for too long, they go bad. AND I belive in too frequent washing will ruin your hair, so I do it every two to three days, so my products don’t get empty quickly. Speaking of hair, I am really jonesing for a haircut. A medium bob, just the one I wanted months ago, but then got convinced to get a longered layered version – one of the reasons is that I’ve seen my pics from a year ago when I had that length and I think I looked awesome – but am in no hope of getting one soon. Again, enter the money issues.

So, this was my first of sadly, probably rare, hauls.


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