Food diary day 1 / saturday

Breakfast: strawberry yogurt (it was the only one left, if I would have any other option I would choose any other!)

The reason why I started this post is that it was very, very unusual.

Besides breakfast right after I wake up, I do not eat untill noon, and that has to be warm lunch. No sandwiches, no brunch, lunch or nothing. I am able to wait untill 5 in the afternoon without drinking or eating, if it can’t be a warm meal.

Yeah, I’ve got issues. But it’s been this way for the past 4 years, it works for me (the reason, like many things in my life, is my anxiety disorder, this kind of rules help, so I stick to it. )

There is one day in year I eat before lunch, because it’s tradition, and never ever otherwise.

Except yesterday. I was at my BFFs grannie, and she served us apple strudel, and I could not say no to grannie! (I could of easily say no to strudel, even though I really like it! Following my rules is way easier hen suffering the consequences in case I do not follow it!!

So; I got in a fight with my brother over who is going to cook lunch, so, out of protest, I just cooked for myself (I do that every couple of months, so, special event #2). I made a bell paper and tomato omelet. Then I saw my brother ordered a take-away pizza for himself. (Ordering take-out happens maybe once a year at our house, so special event #3!) For  a peace-offering, he gave me two slices of pizza.

Then my grannie came and brought grape strudel. Ate two pieces of that (two different strudels in one day?? Special event #4!!)

I had a sandwich cookie; then two cups of tea.

Two pieces of bread with bologna sausage with horseradish, with some pickled onions.

One small apple.

Two cups of tea (that was right before midnight as I was going to bed, and I was very, very sorry i did it when I was awaken by my full bladder!!

So, that is my first day of food diary, written one whole day too late!! And I never intended it would be soooo long! I’ll really really try to do better – I have 6 more tries 🙂


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