200th post!!

Let’s see what my stats say; Since january, I have

  • 14 comments; (five of those are from actual readers)
  •  9 categories
  • busiest day was april 23rd with 33 views
  • The average is 7 views per day
  • Home page got 1500 views, second favourite is, not surprisingly, “about me”, third one, surprise for me, is “me & foreign languages”. I guess it’s because it’s the most commented on.

I am happy with my blog; I don’t post daily, but most days; I am getting better at getting more personal, and it also helps me discover myself better. I do find it funny how some things that are so important in my personal life, I don’t really talk about here – my dog and my reading. Funny.

 I just wish more people would decide to talk to me, too. You have no idea how many times I have to bite my tongue not to say something on this subject, again. because I find it annoying when other people write about this, even though I can totally relate. I feel ignored, in a way.

I’ve change my template once since starting.

I still haven’t posted any personal photos.

Happy 200th to me!


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