I’m gettin’ a haircut…

..and a fresh coat of paint, nah nah nah nana…

For free.

At one of The Three Top Salons in the country.

I’m volunteering as a “model” – it’s at the salon, not at some show; and I’ve been before so I know it’s safe.

If I say I’m adventurous with my hair, it sounds like I have pink hair, or that I’ve shaven it all of at one point or another.

I do not; I never had; I also never had a mohawk or any other crazy haircut or color. But I did try out a lot of them (black, red, orange, brown, dark violet). I am trying to say I am the one who says “do what you think it will suit me” to the hairdresser. So I think I’ll make one hairdresser-student very happy 🙂

It’s not for another 10 days, but I can’t wait!!


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