Orange &mango chicken

Squenze an orange

Devide the liquid into two parts.

Peel the mango; separate the meat from the core; chop teh half of it into nice sqares, put the other part in the blender. Put the blendered-meat into the orange juice.

Chop an onion.

Put the onion on the hot oil, add the orange juice with some chopped garlic, squirt of lemon juice, some ginger and sugar. Wait for it to boil.

Take some starch or flour into the other part of the orange juice, stir, and add, along with the chopped mango. This should make it thicker.

TASTE. I made three versions, two were awesome and one was awfull. I blame the sugar, I use it too sparingly. So taste it, and add whatewer you think it’s lacking.

Serve with chicken and rice…Enjoy!


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