Food diary week; the closeup

If I would be a numbers person, I would go and count all the pieces of bread that I’ve eaten this week, but I am not, so I didn’t 🙂

I can clearly see that I obviously don’t drink enough (even though I didn’t write down what I drank (It was either syrup, tea or water anyway) )and I don’t eat enough fruit. I’m happy with my veggie intake, I think I do very good in that department. As for anything else, I would need a somebody with at least some nutrition knowledge/insight to enlighten me…Any voulteers? 🙂

It’s obvious I eat what’s opened in the fridge, and that I eat for lunch things that either I can cook or mom does, and I don’t eat out much now. I do miss times when I lived in The Big City, when I ate in restaurants and ordered takeout…Time for that will come again!

So, it was fun! I do think it’s funny that I ate some unusual food (well, at least some that was hard to translate) this week, and right after the Food diary week was over, I had fried chicken, lol 🙂


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