Epilepsy; the explanation

I promised this but haven’t delivered – I’ll do my best to be short!

So; about 7 years ago, the first month in my anxiety disorder(didn’t know what it was back then)I had an epileptic seizure. It was at night, I don’t remember it, my mom heard rhythmic banging (not THAT!) and woke up. I bit my toung so hard that I bite the sides off, I still don’t have a round tounge!! Anyway, I had all sorts of tests done, and since then, I have to take pills. They discovered I have some sharp waves in the right side of my brain; when I stopped taking pills before, the neurologist saw it from my eeg scans(I am having them yearly), and I haven’t taken them now and I had an attack, so I guess it is serious.

That was it, short and lacking all sorts of important info. I am still not sure if this is epilepsy or just grand mal seizures, but it doesn’t really matter.


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