Orthos visit #7!

I got;

  • new bottom vire
  • power chain – the clear plastic one on the bottom – but just on the clear bracket, not on the last 3 metal ones on the side
  • power chain taken off ((last time I was there, she clipped the front part of my upper power chain off, and replaced it with a wire. She left it on the sides, she sorta hooked it on the brackets – because the power chain us under the wire and this wire has been in for a long time! So – she left on on last time, this time, she clipped it off))


She told me I’ve been better with my brushing on my bottom ones, and used something that is probably really thin but felt like a brick to “file” between my bottom front teeth. She said that she has the proper equipment so she is going to do it, nothing to worry about…

It felt like *hairs standing up on my body* – I still shudder at the thought of it – somebody was using a saw between my teeth. She “filed” 5 times between each tooth. Not enjoyable, and only painful because my teeth are still so close together – and because no matter how she tried to be carefull, she filed down a bit of my gums.

Next time, I’ll be gettin’ my elastics¨

AND she said I’ll be over sooner than we planned!!!! (she did not say how much sooner, but that is even better, I like surprises!!)

Very good visit!


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