Will I ever learn???!?

What started as a slight headache bloomed into a raging one. Even my trusted Aspirin migraene pills helped to dull it a little for about two hours, but now it’s back. So I have my Coca Cola right here next to me, and I am mentally preparing myself to the horrible horrible horrible taste of the medicine. (BTW, it says on the main page to take the pils when it starts hurting (“…sollten Sie immer 2 Aspirin Migräne Brausetabletten gleichzeitig und rechtzeitig, also bei Einsetzen der ersten Beschwerden, einnehmen.”)

A big complaint; I had to try really hard to find the aspirin migraene page!!! Like, searching every possible connection on Bayer homepage, googling different combination, and no way I could find an english page! I found it when I first found the exactly right spelling for migraine, the german one, and then google “aspirin Migräne” . I mean, they are trying to sell this, it shouldn’t be so hard to find some info on this!!!


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