Shopping II

Dad the personal shopper came through.

Walked in the store, the first winter jacket he picked up – perfect. Tells the saleslady to finds something that matches, bang, in the meantime, he finds a turtleneck tunic with this now-in bunch-up sleeves. In the 6th(and the last) shoe shop, he says “try these” and I find my boots. They are not puss in boots, but they are flat, elegant and wintery, without the awful heel that flat winter shoes usually have.

He has a lot of bad sides, habits and a bad past, but he does have some qualities. Having an eye and knowing  the quality is one of them. So, shopping with him is fun. Not because there are no limits  – even though I know he has the €€, I still shop like the usual me. You know how in movies, when somebody gives someone their credit card and then they shop till they drop? Well, I do not know how to do this. I won’t even go into the stores that I know are not in my range.

Well, Bday and Xmas gift is checked, I wonder how many months untill he calls again…

 Mom is going to be home tomorrow, that will be fun.


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