6th new clothing item in 7days!

This must be some kind of record.

I’ll count again; 2 pairs of pants (jeans and riding pants, both black) and a short-sleeved wool sweater(blue) with mom; (3); burgundy winter jacket and grey turtleneck with dad; now mom came back from Spain and bought me a Desigual dress!! It’s violet with “happy” sign and some print on the stomach area, and on the skirt part, there are little people! It’s like a child would draw them, so cute!! And they are *gulp*red! As in, red and violet together! Usually an automatic no go for me, but they can pull it of! The shape is similar to this one. Mine also has this deep decolletage, and the bow on the side, and long sleeves. Can’t wait to get it out of the wash 🙂


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