The good wife w50

I loved how Zack (the son) was so obviously enamoured by Kalinda, he couldn’t get more googly eyed!

(They suggest here that it’s because she has some secret porn past – never entered my mind and I do not belive it for a second. I think he just see his mom as all prim and proper and couldn’t believe that she works with someone sexy 🙂  )

Peter swore. Is that really sooo bad that he swore?

In other news, I started watching Better with you and Mike and Molly this week, and I love them! It’s my kind of humor, I can’t explain it – I can just say I find it much funnier than Raising hope.

Also; some great TV moments of the year. And Terriers are canceled and Closer will end in 2 years.

Update; they also canceled The good guys.


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