My grannies Xmas cookies; “the good ones that you make by rolling a sausage”

I am just retyping what I typed up a few years ago, and because I made them 3 days ago, I’ll add my thought on it afterwards.

250 g of sugar

250 g of grounded walnuts

3 eggs

60 g of breadcrumbs.

You mix it all together. You form a sausage with your hands, take a knife, and cut small, even pieces. You take each piece and roll it in your hands, so it becomes a ball. You put it in he oven, on 180 C for about 10 min. Check the bottoms. If they are black, you left them in for too long, your bad.

Easy pesy, right? Right.

Unless you ground the walnuts yourself, and they make the whole dough really really fatty. My aunt’s sugestion was to add just two eggs at first, and see if ifs moist enough – if not, you add the egg. If it’s too fatty, like in my case, add the breadcrumbs.

Because I didn’t add enough of breadcrumbs, and it was too messy to form a sausage, I just took two spoons and made scops of the dough on the making sheet. Honestly, I love them more when they are not evenly shaped!



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