What is on my nightstand

Rereading J.R. Wards Lover Avenged – Honestly, I only ever reread Wrath and Zsadists stories, but I am so starved of reading, and I only read Rhevs story once, so…

I would survive if I would not read for 1218273 times that he wears a sable coat. And I don’t care how attracted they are supposed to be to each other, Ehlena is just too mellow.

I can not wait to read Xhex  and John Matthews story.

Love the banter between the brothers, and that angel guy, it’s hilarious 🙂
Now, as for the other book that I am reading for the first time, its’ Cherry Adair Out of sight. Except it’s In der Hitze der Wustensonne. Now, let me ask one thing, please; ; WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOOD ARE THEY STILL  PRINTING BODICE RIPPERS COVERS????????????????????????????’ WHY?????????????


So, if we look at those two covers of the same book, you might notice some difference. Like in one, the girl is a brunette and the other is ginger (she is a redhead in the book, so points for that). You see that 1001 night costume? Well, she wears combat boots 90% of the book.

He is wearing a pink robe. A pink robe. I am all in for the equality of the sexes, and would even be happy if he would wear one in the book and they would put that on the cover, but sadly, no, no pink robe in the book.

I hate to trash books. But this one, I just can not not trash!

They have sex on the camel saddle. 10 minutes later, they shoots over 10 men from the same camel. He rescues her from a prison, they have sex in the elevator 2 minutes after she undercover and he pulls her out. And we never read how she gets out. We also never hear how that frakking oasis with that hotel looks like. I there one pyramid or two??

These are just thinks that bug me this very minute. Oh, and after 10 hour trek in the desert, she lets him take of her shoes, socks and massage her feet. Before she even saw any water and soap. I am sorry, but…Eww.

Then we have the whole save the world plot, and quasi tortured H&h…I haveto say, no to this one! Even though, when I compare it to her Hide and seek, this is a masterpiece! And I reread Edge of darkness regularly, so I really want to like her books!

I really have to write more about books…


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