Highs and lows of 2010

– founding out my grannie has cancer(last week!);
– being unable to finish my uni;
– had to move back home because I haven’t finished my uni
– not doing much else than hiding from life in general(no Bf, no job, no school, hating it, but having no real wish to change it)
It is/was a bad year, but I don’t want to dwell on it because I’ll just start to cry – so I’ll just continue with the positive things!


– Getting to spend more time with my half-brother, brother and mom(can be way too much, but this is just highs, so I’ll zip it)
– Spending a lot of time with my dog and BFF
– seeing my dear on-line friends
– getting my lifelong dream come true – braces!!!
Hopes for 2011;
– to remain healthy and to continue to battle my AA
– to move my ass and do something with my life
– to be happy with the results of my straight teeth
– to fall in love (I don’t care if it will be unhappy, I just want for something to happen!!)
– That all the babies that will be born are healthy and grow up happy

Happy new year!!



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