not inspired

No food post today.
I am sorry, but…I can’t think of a single thing I  want to write about.

I am tired, I took a long hike with 5 dogs, it was cold but felt good – but now I am so tired!

And I can’t wait untill tomorrow  – I can continue with reading (you’ll found out more in the upcoming post! )

Have  a great week!


A reminder

Dear Bookfairy;

you got elastics just a week ago. You have to wear them ALL THE TIME. You are not supposed to forget them during the night!!

Sincerely, your conscience


My elastics/rubber band just snapped!

I got a response on the metal mouth forum about changing them, and I will try to use 2-3 elastics a day, because as I just attested, they stretch easily! 🙂

In other news, I bought my toothpaste for sensitive teeth, paid some bills, went to sort out my unemployment status…

And tomorrow I am going to The Capital!! The reason is sad, my grannie has to go get herself radiated  in hopes it will kill her cancer, but maybe, just maybe, I can run off and go to the bookstore…I just need half an hour to go there and back, once there, I can buy my calendar and check for the newest JR Ward book in 10 minutes…Oh, if I have an hour, I can also run to get some of my black tea…I used to live there. A year ago. What the fuck am I doing with my life??

Brittneys cookies

I’ll go bake that now. I’ll use apples instead of blueberries, and I only have white sugar. Report in an hour.

So, the day after;

Maybe not the best cookies to bake a day after new wire.

Yes, make sure you really space them apart, because they really do run. But it’s easy to break them apart, so no worries if they do run.  But wait for a few minutes for them to cool down, because they are still a bit sticky after you pull them out of the oven.

If you think the dough is too thick, you are doing it right, don’t worry.


Orthos visit #8!

 It was such a great one!

Even though again, she was way behind and I waited over an hour, I’ve talked the whole time with another lady who also has braces and we traded “war stories” 🙂

She gave me the great idea of using toothpaste for sensitive teeth for the tooth that is bothering me when I bite into something sweet  – why didn’t I think of that??

She also told me that our ortho gives you something invisalign-like for after de-bracing. I would still prefer a wire cemented behind my teeth just to hold them in place, but I’ll think of that when the time comes.

She took of my power chain (on the bottom 4 teeth) and told me it would be discolored even if I would never eat anything, that it’s rubber and that it gets discolored, nothing to worry about.

She cleaned my two stains on the bottom teeth.

She inserted a new bottom wire!

She gave me a Z-pak elastics to wear! It’s ram pictured on the front side of the package, and look, this company named all the different products after animals! Here are the different elastics.
it’s wrapped on the right side of my jaw; one end on the bottom end hook of the braces, than on the 4th bottom brace, and 4th top brace. Sound complicated, and it is. I have to wear it 24/7, except when I am eating, I can already feel it’s power, tow both 4th braced tooth are slightly hurting, and my “natural” jaw position has change, I can’t find a comfortable way to close my mouth:)

This is going to be real fun; I won’t eat so much, because it will be too annoying to take the rubber band out and back in every time I want a cookie; I can’t open my mouth wide because the elastic is pulling my jaw together, so I can’t yell. I can’t really rub my lips together – you know what you do when you put on lipstick or vaseline or lip balm, when you roll

I also asked (finally!!!) to see my x-ray and she told me that my two bottom wisdom teeth are in the right position (not turned sideways or something complicated like that) but half of the tooth is hidden by bone. She said it doesn’t worries her from orthos point of wiev, but if I am worried, I can make up an appointment with a surgeon. I told her I won’t mess with it until  if or when it starts acting up.

She also told me to come to terms that my teeth won’t get whitened untill one month after debracing. She told me that the teeth get damaged during the whole process, and they need time to get strong again to be whitened. getting them strong is easy – using a very fluoride toothpaste. It may be some other stuff, but that is all she told me today…But since I saw how she managed to cleaned up the two stains I had today, I am not worried she will let me go home with stained teeth.

The only downside is that I freaking forgot to take pictures before I left!! So I don’t have before-after pics! And so many changes this time! Argh! I used to make so many pics – and now I don’t think I made a single photo since my last visit! *gasp*

So I got new wire, elastics, got my teeth cleaned, got calmed down concerning my wisdom teeth, and got a solution to my sweet-tooth! Great visit!

Another orthos visit tomorrow!

I haven’t written about teeth for a long time, I don’t think I’ve written anything since my last appointment!

Well; I bought the cheapest regular toothbrush possible (soft) because I thought that if it does get ruined quickly,at least my money won’t go to waste. Well, it turned out it was a great buy!! I am using both of the toothbrushes, specialised braces one and normal one.

Two of my bottom teeth have stains. It’s a thin line right above the clear power chain. No idea if it’s plaque or what. I hope she will say that it goes off easily.

There was some mix up about a payment last time, I really hope they sorted it out by now!

Going to my great-grandmother grave tomorrow, she would be 102 years old on monday…I never met her, she died 10 years before I was born, I am sorry, she was a great lady!

I just hope I won’t have to wait too long – last time it was over one hour wait, I hate  hate hate that!! Not just because i’s not polite, it’s also a AA thing. Deep breaths…

Life unexpected over?? Kate and Baze together??

OMG!!!! I just watched 12th and  13th  episode of season 2 of Life unexpected, and one shocker followed another!!!

The truth about Lux and Eric the teacher finally came out (I was disturbed about that since the beginning, and at least they never slept together, but I was still very bothered about their relationship every time they showed it), and then it turns out Kate can’t have kids, but that ex-girlfriend of Ryan’s whom he slept with when they weren’t together is pregnant…Than they just say “2 years later” and Lux is the valedictorian speaker, Kate and Baze and together (and Kate is pregnant!!), Lux and Jones are together, and Math (Bazes roommate and another teacher) also has a pregnant significant other.

It was as hollywood happy end as you can get!

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