Packing list

Toothbrush, toothpaste


face soap

eyemakeup remover or facial wipes?


light blue, green, violet, dark blue,red, pink scrunchie

shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, comb

makeup (foundation, blush, green, brown, blue, violet eyepencils  eyeshadows; lipglosses, mascara)

Body wash & lotion

cotton balls and q-tips

black & blue jeans

black turtleneck+blue sweater

black dress; green tights & green t-shirt red turtleneck + red prickly sweater

striped tights, jeans skirt, violet t-shirt

violet boots, black boots


pills (epilepsy, pain, stomach)

white dotted panties, black panties, the ones with flowers


black socks, blue socks with stars, red ones, pink ones, violet ones

yoga pants for the hotel (I’ll use jammie bottoms instead)

violet & black undershirts

violet & green bra

Violet winter jacket

That is it for now…I’ll mark stuff when they will be nice and packed!

What did I forget?

Camera + charger + cell charger

Gray purse; tissues, hand cream/sanitizer, glasses, wallet, toothbrush pack, magazines, lipglosses,gloves


presents for the relatives

band aids

a hat

address book


bananas for breakfast

Things to do before I go;

do my nails

do my hair (curls? )


pack sandwiches for the road

The underlined things are packed; others are waiting in front of the suitcase, or are being charged, or are going in a different bag.


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