Balls, bread balls :)

When you have a lot bread that is too dry to eat but have something against throwing food away, make this bread dumplings, it’s very easy and it’s a good alternative side dish!

 dry-ish bread

an egg





Cut bread into (little) pieces; put it into a bowl  – keep in mind that the bread will expand once it will absorb the liquid. Beat an egg and add milk, and pour it over the bread. Be carefull – add it gradually, so you won’t get a soggy mess! First add some, than mix it a bit, let it soak, check, etc etc.

Saute an onion, add; salt. My mom always adds parsley and I am not a fan, so I don’t do it 🙂

Let it rest. Check the consistency; it should be glue-y, not runny. Add breadcrumbs if it’s too soggy.

Take some flour or/and breadcrumbs; form balls. If you have someone to help you put flour on your hands for every new dumpling, do it. I found it the easiest to just dust my hands with flour between each dumpling, and it helps them stay together, too!

Bring water to boil, cook them untill the dumplings swim to the surface by themselves – about 5 minutes.

If there are some left over, cut it lengthwise and bake them in a pan for a few minutes. tasty!


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