Olive oil+honey hair mask is a mess & not a online shoping virgin anymore

I have a headache, cramps and breakouts = bad

My BFF ordered two books for me online = very good mood

Spend the whole morning being a good granddaughter = I’m goodhearted

Our dog was so angry with us for leaving her in the car in front of the store for measly 8 minutes she didn’t even take a cookie = one (sensitive) offended dog

Mess =

Home made olive oil + honey hair mask ; a few tablespoons of each, heat it up, massage in. Sound easy, right? Almost too easy, you say? You are right.

TRY to massage into scalp and hair is a better term – if you know how to do it, congrats, all I got is clumps of hair stuck together, so I just took the bottle of olive oil and try to get some on my scalp and between the sticky hair, so all would be covered. It was better.

The whole thing is a terrible jumble, oil dripping everywhere, hair suck together…So I took a plastic shopping bag and wrap that over my hair, in hope it wouldn’t drip everywhere, and wrapped a towel around my shoulders – I had to hold it tight around my neck the whole time, and despite that, I had to take a shower afterwards because it still manage to drip under my shirt. I want to say that I read about 10 recipes, nd not in is it mentioned what a mess it is. Same with videos. Next time I’ll do anything with ol in my hair, I’ll wrap a bag and a towel around my hear, and wear a towel around my houlders. Maybe that will help.

So I am telling you; applying olive oil and honey hair mask is a mess!! And my hair was not silky, smoother or shinier afterwards. I am never ever doing that again!!!   I’ll just pour some warmed up olive oil, but never ever with honey.

I can’t belive I’m not giving up on home made products hair masks altogether. I spend two hours crying in a bathroom when I was about 13 becacause I heard a mashed banana in your hair is an easy mask. Easy to make, that much harder to get out. Almost impossible!!!

The only positive thing about olive oil+ honey mask was that it was surprisingly easy to wash out – I was honestly worried if I’m ever going to get it out! That was the only thing that was not problematic!

Good luck to all of you home-making products people out there 🙂


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