Pancakes (crepes) with cheese

I made this yesterday, it took longer than I thought because I didn’t want to burn the pancakes and I made them on medium heat and it seemed to take forever!!

Anyway; make the pancake batch (eggs, milk, flour, pinch of salt). I somehow never make them thin, I like them a bit thicker than the crepes you get in the restaurants (we do not know the american THICK pancakes here, I just found out that they are like that because of baking soda, I am going to try to make them soon).

For the filling, I mixed an egg, some cheese /quark /curd cheese (still don’t know how you call it!!), sugar (I went to stingy with it, so they didn’t taste as tasty as they could!) and grated lemon peel.  Mix. Spread it on the pancakes and roll them. Place the filled pancakes tightly together in the baking dish – all of them are suppose to touch the bottom. Mix the remaining filling with some milk and heavy cream and our it over. Bake for about 20 minutes.



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