Life unexpected over?? Kate and Baze together??

OMG!!!! I just watched 12th and  13th  episode of season 2 of Life unexpected, and one shocker followed another!!!

The truth about Lux and Eric the teacher finally came out (I was disturbed about that since the beginning, and at least they never slept together, but I was still very bothered about their relationship every time they showed it), and then it turns out Kate can’t have kids, but that ex-girlfriend of Ryan’s whom he slept with when they weren’t together is pregnant…Than they just say “2 years later” and Lux is the valedictorian speaker, Kate and Baze and together (and Kate is pregnant!!), Lux and Jones are together, and Math (Bazes roommate and another teacher) also has a pregnant significant other.

It was as hollywood happy end as you can get!


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