Happy one year anniversary!!

No pics because you showed no love (sorry Leti, but I have to stay firm! ).

Still – it’s been a year since I first got my braces! Yay me! I loved every day of it, and I want to wear them for a long, long time! šŸ™‚


How to fix a broken nail!

this looks like something that I’ll be able to do! ( I have weak nails šŸ˜¦Ā  )

More on the Oscars…

An article about not-nominated-but-great-performances.Ā I like it because it’s versatileĀ and not bitter.

3-and-a-little more sleeps till the Oscars night!!


I love Anne, and I think James will be good, we know Natalie and Colin will win, I can’t wait!! (Won’t watch the red carpet. That way, I’ll get about 4 hour sleep, otherwise, none. And you get the best comments and picture of the dresser the next day online, anyway. )

Elastics – one month in

Lets see;

Ā I often forget to put it back after taking it out to eat, and IĀ forget them all over the house (sounds gross, it’s not for me).

I can’t feel it when its in my mouth anymore, even when I put it in it’s not much difference – I feel the elastic is tight for a few minutes, but my teeth don’t hurt.

I do see a difference with my teeth; before, they were straight but not connected, not they look rounder.

I can eat small, thin things, like a cookie or two, and soup…I could eat bigger and thicker things, but thanĀ it might snap off and I can end up swallowing one, so I rather take it out šŸ™‚

I can chew gum with it

Ā I can put it on without a mirrorĀ  – most of the time. Mostly I put it in, than check in the mirror if it’s on right.

I only change it when it snaps (happened only twice so far) or I lose it.Ā 

It’s not distracting, but it did hurt the sides of my cheeksĀ at the beginning; it rubs on them, so there was a bit of irritation, but it’s ok now.

It’s haircut time!

I’m going for a pixie cut today, as a consolation prize for yesterdays dissapointment…Hope I look good šŸ™‚

Update; I am back. Asked for Michelle Williams, got Justin Bieber.

Ok, so it’s not that bad, I just have a lot of hair and I can’t wait till I find out what can I do with them – I can never ever do it the same way the hairdresser does. That is why this time, I specifically said that I want it so I don’t need to use a whole tube of styling products to make it look normal.

Spoke too soon.

Not going.

What’s the sound they make in cartoons when plans go awry? That is what I hear in my head right now.

Not thatĀ I already have 3 pages of phrases written down and 5 books from the library.

I am so going to the hairdresser as a consolation tomorrow!

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