Disappointments and potential

I thought I was getting som money today, and it was not at all as much as I was planning – I’ll be getting it, but in two weeks time…And I already had all this plans what I’ll buy – practical stuff, like panties – so I was dissapointed…I even whined to my mom, but she lost all sympathy to me, and told me if I graduate and get a job I’ll make some money myself and won’t be milking it from the state. So that is it.

BUT I am having a facial today – christmas present – and I haven’t had one in a year, so today has a potential to get better. I’m just hoping this cosmetologist will be good and will use fancy and good products  – it’s at a fancy spa, so it should be, right? – and won’t be some old lady that is not on the top of what is happening on this field in this modern times. I am a snob. It is a great time to get a facial, since I’ll be getting my period in a week and my face is showing it, so it’s already not in top condition because I’m a mess for a few days after a facial. Here’s hoping!

Oh, here is what I am hoping to get; my brows done, my mustache waxed away, and my pores cleaned. I don’t know how else to call it, I don’t really have acne, and pimples sound like these teenagery pimples, and I don’t have either, I have some pores that have to be cleaned. And naturally some fancy mask and massages, that is the best part. besides the eyebrows and mustache and pores. I’m really looking forward to it!

Update; no mustache wax, eyebrows are done, face not blotchy at all. It was ok, not at all great, but not awful. She didn’t use any fancy stuff, so not great, but she did a solid work, so not awful. I wanted to do my mustache myself (I am not obsessed with them, I make it sound that way, they are only noticeably to me, but I wanted them done but I didn’t want to ask her, she didn’t seem like she would do it, so I planned to do them myself, only to realised i don’t have any strips left. Another disappointment!!            I am going to my old old one next time, though (the one before my previous one, she is like 45, and that is not old old:)  ) She likes things organic and natural just a tad too much, I feel pushed when I am there to buy her things, and I HATE that – that was the reason I stopped going. BUT it doesn’t look like it will be sooner than one year before I go again, and who know what can happen in a year, I can be married and pregnant by that time…Or still sitting at home rotting.


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