Low pressure

How does it feel when you have low blood pressure? Does your ears close (like on the plane), and you feel dizzy and shaky? It’s been going on for hours – I’ve sat and rested, I went for a walk in the woods with the doggie – still feeling dizzy!

It’s an awful feeling of helplessness.

I’ve just had some soup, maybe it will help, I don’t really know what else to do – it can not be low blood sugar (I don’t have  a clue about this things, I’ve never real been to a hospital, besides from having semi-epilepsy and anxiety disorder, I am a healthy person (knock on wood!!! ) so all I am saying is from hearing stuff on ER or House M.D. ) because I ate 3 pieces of baklava today (recipe coming on sunday!) and that is pure sugar, so I can say for sure it’s not that! Because low sugar makes you drowsy,a nd a lot of sugar makes you hyper – right?

BUT – I just remembered, I’ve drunk a few cups of oolong tea (real one, from China) maybe there are some side effects of that?? Bt I’m sure I read that it has caffeine in it, so…? Confusing.


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