Baklava – not as hard as it apears!


The origins of baklava are not agreed upon, so lets say its Turkish, Cyprian and Greek. It’s made of filo pastry, nuts, and it’s very, very sweet! I remember this green stuff on turkish deserts, my mouth waters at the thought!

So, I made one!

We need;

at least 10 sheets of filo pastry/dough

180 grams of nuts (I used 20g of breadcrumbs – I cheated), 80 g of almonds and 80g of walnuts)

melted butter

for “glazing”

60ml of lemon juice

60ml of orange juice



6 spoons of honey – I think this is a good trick; the more honey you use, less sugar you need, because honey is so potent.


orange peel

((I added more water because it didn’t seem enough, and I was right. The dough has to be almost submerged!))

So; you start and finish with 2 or three coasts of filo pastry with butter; in the middle, you pile one layer of filo pastry, glazed with butter and sprinkled with nuts on another. CUT them before you put it in the oven ; the original recipe asks for triangles, I cut them in squares and it did not affect the taste:)

While the filo is waiting, have a damp cloth underneath or even around it, so it doesn’t dry out. Measure the pan and cut the filo so it will fit just right in the pan.(Place the pan above the pastry and cut around it. Watch out, it’s fragile!

I used baking sheet underneath and was not sorry; you have to bake it at 180 celsius for half an hour, than lower to 150  for another 15 minutes – but you know your oven best, do what you need to!

Take it out and let it cool.

While it’s baking, make the glaze/syrup; mix all of ingredients, let it boil for 5 minutes, and let it cool down (take the peel out, and cinnamon stick if you used that). After the glade and the baklava are less hot, pour it over and let it soak overnight. Make sure the glaze gets into and over all nooks and crannies, and is practically submerged.



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