The new series; likes and dislikes

Likes; Harry’s law  – I like it, not much to say because it’s good.  Shameless (bad, bad title. Great acting; I wish the description wouldn’t be “that it’s about dad and his family” because it’s about the oldest daughter trying to keep afloat, dad is just death weight).

Dislikes; Off the map;  Shonda Rhimes might be involved, but sadly, it’s just too out there – but I only seen 3 out of five episodes, AND it has Mamie Gummer in it, so I am sticking with it. That doesn’t change that the plots are so transparent, and that there is no build-up; we found out in the first episode who is still suffering from the dead fiancée, who lost a patient and got fired, and all other stuff that in a good series, we would find out throughout the season.

I haven’t start the others yet. I like to wait for a few of them to compile so I can have  a marathon. I am starting With being human next.

About the oldies; I am just finishing ER, and I love it!! They did an awesome job bringing some of the old characters back, and giving the others HEA…LOVE that Neela and Ray ended up together! And that George Clooney was not diva-ish and came back to the show that made him famous – I just hope he didn’t ask for a fortune for it, it will ruin him in my eyes! 🙂


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