• Cleaned up my desk; my keyboard is next – tomorrow morning, before I turn on the computer; I even have a post-it on my screen so I don’t forget. Done!
  • I really need to dye my hair, but I’m jonesing for a haircut – short pixie haircut!! Now; do I wait untill I go to the wig store with my grannie and try them on,or do I just go for it?
  • I’ll found out tomorrow if I’ll be going to La ville d’amour…Honestly, I just heard “France” and was “yes, I can go” so I am not sure it’s Paris! I’ might be going as a chaperone with my tennis playing cousin; it depends if her mom gets days off or not.
  • Huge piece of chocolate cake yesterday. Bliss.
  • I keep forgetting to put my elastics in after I eat.
  • Oolong tea, Top chef, Outlander and the finale of Friday night lights…I am home alone; now, do I take her highness the dog out just after I wake up (cooold!!) or wait till the afternoon(I’ll feel bad the whole time). Maybe I’ll wake up early and because I don’t want to smoke that early, and I don’t want to see my shows without all my pleasures satisfied, I can take her for a walk first. I’ll see. I’ll go to bed really early so I’ll wake up early and will execute this plan! I woke up early and took her to the woods, so I did execute it!
  • My brothers GF is bringing me more teas! I asked weeks ago, I think this week might be it!
  • I need to book my flight for May. I sound like a globe trotter like I used to be, how will I ever survive this?!
  • Grannie going to the hospital again on Tuesday. Hopefully she’ll get her chemo.
  • HATE the (not so very anymore) new you tube layout. Have to click 3 times to get to my subscriptions!
  • Had a Being human marathon. I like it, but don’t love it, and I am saving the series I love for a me-me time, and he ones that are just ok for when mom is at home. Yes, I know, I know, I act like I’m 13.
  • I was very good at predicting who will go from top 15 to top 10 in DSDS.( German version of Idol)
  • My brother got me Stieg Larsson; The girl who played with fire (the second book, first is The girl with the dragon tatoo – I am still sure I read the book years ago, no matter when it was translated holly molly – it just dawned on me – I must have read it in english!! I’ve been raking my brain how can that be -yes! Finally!

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