Immature spoiled brat!!!!

My brother just majorly pissed me of !!!!!

He is the example that good examples does not work.

Mom stopped ironing his stuff, and told him that when he does something to help around the house, or something for the family ( meaning walking the dog, cleaning, helping…) she will iron for the same amount of time as he is doing the task.

What does he do, now that his pile is piling up? He packed the stuff and is taking them to grandmas. Granma is the total opposite of us, (mom & me) she thinks supporting lazy sons and grandsons is supporting them, she does not belive in tough love(not beating, just not always wiping their butts) or saying no.

I am so, so angry and sad that my brother is this kind of person. He does not see one fault in himself. Not One. He does not give back. He thinks he must be catered all the time. He doesn’t apologise, yet is offended by simplest criticism.
No idea how he gt that way, I really don’t, we certainly didn’t (I am much older) raise him that way, nobody around him believes in man over woman bullshit, even our dad, who granted wasn’t around much, but he certainly cooks and cleans and does chores as it’s something normal, not the exception.

But my brother, he…I am crying. I don’t want him to be this way. I despise such characteristics in other people, and yet, that is how he is. What the hell am I suppose to do? He is not a child anymore, yet he acts like one, selfish to the bone.



Spring gardening, the beginning

Trees pruned. ( A friend came over with all the tools and knowledge.) Hopefully we will have more than two apples this year, and that the pears will be full. Most important, the hazelnuts that are close to the veggie garden were “diluted” (I am sure it’s the wrong expression, I am trying to say that some of the branches were removed so more sun will come through).

Garden shoveled (is that how it’s called when you turn the soil so it’s prepared for planting? Oh, found it; it’s called “digging the garden to break up compacted soil”  – ours was all hard because the dog has been running on it the whole winter, and we also had a big bunch of branches from last autumn when we pruned some of the trees, from which I made a bonfire last week).

Grass mowed.

Weeds in flower beds removed; soil from the shop added.

Herb garden  weeded.

Blackberries & raspberries weeded and the soil around it dug so it’s nice and light.

Artificial manure dug in all of the above.

Me and my bro dug in the concrete “fence” around the last part of the veggie garden that wasn’t “fenced”, they were just lying on the ground for a few years now, and now we finally dug them in.

Muscles sore.

Now on to planting!!

Blue teeth

Before even knowing about Toms comment (Hello Tom, welcome & thanks for commenting! He is from a blog I linked, Oralanswers! I already read the flossing advice, now to discover more! ) I was about to write this today!

So; plaque showing tablets.

We always had to get it done back in grammar school, when we had our medical exams. I was always embarrassed, because I had to show my teeth, and I hated them.

But my ortho mentioned them the other time (I have an appointment this saturday, can’t wait!!) I thought that is a great idea and got them.

I didn’t get the pink, but blue ones. The price was about 1,5 €, for 8 tablets. They are by Dontodent, called “Junior Plaque test tabletten. Yeah, kids version, but it doesn’t matter – and it says on the package “also intended for adults”. (The ones from the link are the adults version, I can’t find the other one). The drugstore is called Dm -, and it has branches in central and south Europe. But if I got them here, I am sure they are available in most drug stores and pharmacies.

So, back to my story.

I got them.

I brushed as I normally do – I didn’t want to do anything special because that would defeat the whole purpose of  the exercise.

I took the tablet and grounded it in my mouth (swallowing forbidden!!) and mixed it with saliva.I swoshed it around my mouth; tried to push it so it would get between my teeth well: I spat it out. Smiled to the mirror. Wow! I rinsed it with water, twice, gently, and then I got the results. I was not as bad as I though! Mostly, the blue was between my teeth(I just brushed, I didn’t floss, so that was to be expected), and on my lowers, below the braces. Also, on the second and third upper, on the top of the brackets. So now I knew I had to do better on the bottoms of my lower brackets.

Than, yesterday evening, I brushed with my electric brush (now that I got the new head) and then with the normal one (I never have the feeling I brushed just with electric one, because I do the insides and the top of my teeth, and the upper and lower part of the brackets, I don’t go over the brackets – I am afraid it will damage them (even though my ortho did say I can use it). So, again with the tablet, and it showed that I have improved, but the third (“corner”) bottom teeth still need more attention.

Under the brackets, where I would expect the most of the blue to be, it wasn’t. There was some, but not at all as much what I thought!

Well. I am very very happy I did that, because it really shows where you are unknowingly not brushing. Go do it!!!

Word of advice – do it in the evening, not in the morning 🙂 No matter how hard you brush, there will be residue. and your tongue and insides of your lips will be stained 🙂

Any questions? 🙂

Disclaimer – I re-edited the post slightly after I realised Tom the commenter is not “just” a random reader with braces, but is a professional.

My library – read and rearead; or is it?

My romance novels library is not big; it’s very, very small comparing to all my friends who read RN. Last time I decided to clean it up, I actually put the “I don’t like it but I can’t give them away” box under my bed, and nicely arranged the others. Without money and options to buy new ones, and nobody sending me any, I am forced to read books from the library (mostly poorly translated, and that seriously, very seriously pisses me off!!!) or reread. I love rereading. Some of them I reread countless times, some maybe twice. Some I pick up when I want to cry, some when I want to laugh. I rarely reread cover to cover, most my favourite scenes, and I skip the boring parts 🙂

Reading is my favourite thing to do.

So a few days ago, I decided to reread my Marjorie M. Liu books. I have 5 of them, not all in order. And I think I haven’t read all of them!! They were just sitting there, unread?’ I am not sure, I still have two to go but…Yeah!!

Cups vs scale

I’ve just read a post on Gluten free girl about why is better to use a scale than cups.

She recommends this site for conversions, it’s dedicated to gluten free flours, and I am very happy she helped me found this!

I have never known that cups are actual “cups” until a friend from Canada send them to me. Before, I was always wondering “A yogurt cup? A tea cup? A coffee cup??” I still rather use a scale, but can finally make recipes that I find online without converting 🙂

BTW, the Full bellies will probably be gluten free from now on, just so you know…

A haul!

Some of this i got recently, some a few weeks ago.

 Veet facial wax. (I saved 1,50€, it was discounted!) ((review coming soon, can say now that I recommend it! ))

Saw Emily talk about Garnier’s tinted  eye roller, (just try to find a better official page, I dare you, I just nearly lost it, they kept  sending me to this, and no, I didn’t buy the green one I want the golden one, dammit!! ))ran to the drugstore. (Can you tell I got some €€ on my account? :)) Love it!! It doesn’t make me less puffy or anything, but t’s a good way to apply “corrector” on this so sensitive area – we have to try to pull and tug as little as possible, I always just tap. Thumbs up!

Third things are the tablets that show if you have any plague PLAQUE on your teeth(I have different brand, the point is the same), and they will get a special post, too ! (Go buy them, if you have braces or not, you’ll be thanking me! )

A deodorant! How very interesting, right? 🙂 My last one was a roll-on, no idea why I got it, I hate the wet feeling they give you, I much prefer spray version – so that is what I got; Fa yogurt & aloe. Don’t recommend, they live white residue on your clothes.

Avon stuff review; from worst to best; trio eyeshadow Onyx lustre, onyx quartz (not happy, it creases) and Onyx lustre tri – lip gloss in peach sparkle; it’s ok – all this three shades that blend together, no idea what that is for, I would be just as happy with just one good peach sparkle shade. The third is the best one; nourishing body lotion for dry skin, with almond and cocoa butter (no link found). It’s spreadable, you only need a little, it goes into the skin quickly, and it gives your skin a velvety texture, hours after you apply it. It’s predecessor was Dry skin SOS; it didn’t smell as nicely, but the effect is the same. Both are very good winter body lotions! Plus, the bottles are 400 ml, it’s bottomless!

Can’t post on blogger.

I found a braces blog, and I think she also has In-ovation C, but since I can’t comment, and she has no email address where I could contact her…And she has ligatures?

I’ve tried in Maxthon (people don’t know it, but I love it!! you don’t need to open new windows when you are searching something! ) that I normally use, Mozilla and Chrome…No go. I think my security is so tight that it won’t let me do it.

Maybe it will tell her that she was linked and she’ll see this and answer me 😉

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