The oscars with Anne and James

So, I had two whole days to process and read about it, and to see what happened on the red carpet – since I only woke up to see the show.

I liked it. It’s wasn’t oh-my-god-sooo-hilarious-the-best-ever; but it wasn’t like the golden globes when Ricky Gervais was the awfullest host possible.

James looked like he was a bit above the whole thing, even like he was bored; Anne was brilliant. When this girl smiles, the world looks brighter.

 Melissa Leo deserved it, but I didn’t buy her “oh I am sooo surprised act”. And she said the F-word.

Jude Law and Robert D. jr – funny!

people say it wasn’t exciting but that is because most of the winners were known beforehand; was there anybody who belived Natalie and Colin wouldn’t win?

Since I hated that Social network because it included lies (like he did it all to get girls, when n real life he had a GF all along) , no matter how well it was directed or how great the actors were, I rooted against it.

Dresses – the only bad one was Katherine Bigelow, the whole loose armpit thing wasn’t flattering! Also Cate Blanchett, it was too much Project runway-beads-store-challenge looking.

My favourites were Gwyneth Paltrow (the red carpet one, and the one she sang it was also nice), Mandy more – stunning blue! Mila Kunis, the color looked great on her, even though the décolletage was a bit risky; Michelle Williams is just beautiful.

This time, Scarlett Johannson forgot to comb her hair.

I loved when James Franco said “all over the world, wherever you are”, it was early, early in the morning here and it made me feel included; silly, I know.

I wanted to write more, I should have done it right after the show, it’s faded a bit from my  memory by now…


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