Tidbits; baking & lipstick

  • Made baklava and a strudel today; because my mom made a compote out of all of our apples, and I didn’t know it, I had to wildly improvise and make cheese-lemon strudel. I have yet to taste it.
  • Lipstick +elastics = stained elastics.
  • I love love love my new haircut!!
  • I am definitely gluten challenged.
  • Posts coming up about gluten free bread, a haul, hand creams, and mouthwashes (I am hoping promising them to you will encourage me to finish them, because they are all half-written and just waiting for me to finish them! )
  • The ever changing bite-tales; last week, for 4 days straight, I’ve been biting myself AT THE SAME SPOT at least 5 times a day. On the 5th day, it magically didn’t happen anymore. Another proof how the bite in braces keeps changing almost daily!
  • I am finally alone on my computer!!! After over 6 months of sharing it with my brother, he finally had our home computer fixed! Most of the time, we got a great schedule going; mainly because I told him that if he doesn’t like the schedule, he can get out of my room, so he was smart and didn’t complain. I, on the other hand rarely said “no” when he needed to use it, and was very accommodating about the schedule, and I am still surprised at how well we handled all that!
  • Favourite tea of the moment –  jasmine tea!
  • Omg! A lot of my TV series went on vacation! How dare they! I was so surprised! Been watching Being human and Parenthood lately, love both!

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