Today is 100th womens international day!! Why do all of the issues come out only on this day?? This is the opposite of what should be happening!!!

I don’t want to give lectures. ou can read it for yourself everywhere, I’ll just give you an article from my beloved Jezebel. Even though, ever since they changed the layout, I lost A LOT of love for them. Nothing works. Only 3 comments, what is up with that? I can’t see the top articles. I hate it).

OMG. I just dissed a site that is all about my favourite issues on women’s day. Shame on me!!

But anyway; why should women get payed less for doing same work? why should women worry if having kids will ruin their chances at work, if it will make them less employable; why is the statistics on who does most chores at home so one-sided? And by chores, I mean cleaning, cooking, caring (like who buys presents for the in-laws, who remembers its cousins Bday, etc) scheduling…

Now don’t judge me and say (not that anybody says anything to me here, I should write Don’t think)that I think all man are  misogynistic and don’t do chores at all and don’t care for the family. I am sure they do. But do they do equal share? Give me one reason they don’t; are their hands broken? There is no proof women iron better than man. So why should they do it and man not?

Why do women have to do the “unseen work” and man the visible one? (Example; a woman does the dishes; a few minutes later, there is something in the sink already, it looks like she hasn’t done anything, because it never end; now, men, they do thinks that are touchable and visible, like building a dog house – it’s always there, it’s big, it stars and it’s finished, or fix the sink; it’s broken, he fixes it, finished, done.

I think I’ve written about this before, but is very special for me and its women’s day and everything…

And just for the record; I am a feminist and I wear a bra and I shave, and I even wax my only-I-can-see-it mustache. And I hate that myth!!

Now; happy women’s day to you all!


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