Smile of the day, tear of the day

Yesterdays dog-walk was a very eventful one!
First, I was listening to music, and I grooved a little to it; and all of a sudden, a trucker hunks at me…And then he got a laugh, because I jumped like 5 feet into the air because he scared me so (he drove from my back! It must have jumped a few feet up in the air!

Next, my dog decides to poop right next to the pavement, not on the nice grassy field, but on the pavement. I take a doggy bag, pick it up, and splash, the bag rips and it splashes all over the pavement. Luckily I had another bag and did a fine job if scraping it off the pavement. The tales of dog owners…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My problems with my BFF are still on pause, we haven’t talked in about two months. I am very unhappy and confused about it, I really don’t know what to do. I can’t deal with her BF, and it’s a dealbraker. So I was in bed  two nights ago, thinking that a good friend of ours would be the best one to help me, and what do you know, yesterday, he clicked me and asked about how I was…It was like telepathy…But I told him that we have to talk about it face to face, not on-line, and the next time I go to Big City, I’ll definitely see him and talk this out…Brough tears to my eyes.


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