Chlorhexidine awful for bracewearers!!!!

When talking with my ortho(yes, this post was written a few months ago!!), we somehow started to talk about mouthwaters, and she told me the trick: if it contains more than 0.5% of chlorhexidine, it’s forbidden for people with braces!!!

In case you have some periodontitis, or something similar, you can use it for a week, but otherwise, stay away!

Quoting: “Chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse can cause staining of oral surfaces, such as tooth surfaces, restorations, and the dorsum of the tongue.”

It’s going to be fun trying to find one without it, or looking at the labels trying to find that information!

Another ingredient to avoid is Cetylpyridinium chloride, it also causes staining.

I read somewhere just now that mouthwash with Zinc is better than the one with chlorhexidine. (“Other studies found that products such as zinc chloride mouthwash were not as good as antibacterial chemicals over the long-term, though they may well have fewer adverse side effects to worry about.”)

Some interesting info on mouthwash, plus how to use it!

 – — – – –

I got Amway Glister concentrated anti-plaque mouthwash as a present, and just today decided to check it out. And guess what. Even though the info is ridiculously hard to find,2,5 % of the Cetylpyridinium chloride is in there.

Hm. So what now? I think I’ll use it once a week, that way it can’t cause staining (I don’t squirt 5 times, but just once, and I dilute it with water, so it’s really mellowed down! ) but it can do some work. AND I need to buy one I can use every day. I think it’s going to be this one, Elmex, or one from this family, because it’s safe: “Particularly suitable for wearers of brackets, orthodontic appliances…”. Yeah!


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