Gluten free cookies by Gluten free diva

You can find the original recipe here. I’ve tried to do it and I would like to tell you what happened when I did 🙂

So, I write down all my ingredients, and discover that since we don’t use shortening, I can substitute that with butter; I don’t have brown rice flour or tapioca flour, but I can just use normal rice flour. I don’t have  potato starch, tapioca starch
or xanthan gum; but I have corn starch (says on the packaging NO GLUTEN, so I’m safe)and  Orgran gluten substitute ;(” This product will provide binding and will mimic the physical protein found in wheat in a way that will allow the forming of dough or batter with similar consistency and characteristics to wheat based ingredients.”) and instead of tapioca starch I’ll just use a bit more of the other starches.

So; I measured all the starches and the flour, and I come to baking soda. Now, I know we have sodium bicarbonate, but that is for cleaning, and for teeth whitening, that can’t be it, right? And it smells a bit sour, like it’s acidy…So I just used a pinch of that, and then added half of ts of baking powder (that is what we use in baking here).I wasn’t sure it it’s the same untill I googled it. It is the same. I’ll still rather use baking powder.

So, I mixed the whole thing together, (decided to nix the chocolate kisses from the start) and put the dough on the tray with the spoon. Left them in the oven for a minute too long, so some turned a bit brown. And they didn’t stay firm, they slid all over the baking paper, they were like thin disks.

Next time, I won’t forget to add peanut butter (lol, I didn’t even write it down on the recipe 🙂 ) and will add only half the sugar, they were too sweet, imho.

Other than that, awesome!!


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