A haul!

Some of this i got recently, some a few weeks ago.

 Veet facial wax. (I saved 1,50€, it was discounted!) ((review coming soon, can say now that I recommend it! ))

Saw Emily talk about Garnier’s tinted  eye roller, (just try to find a better official page, I dare you, I just nearly lost it, they kept  sending me to this, and no, I didn’t buy the green one I want the golden one, dammit!! ))ran to the drugstore. (Can you tell I got some €€ on my account? :)) Love it!! It doesn’t make me less puffy or anything, but t’s a good way to apply “corrector” on this so sensitive area – we have to try to pull and tug as little as possible, I always just tap. Thumbs up!

Third things are the tablets that show if you have any plague PLAQUE on your teeth(I have different brand, the point is the same), and they will get a special post, too ! (Go buy them, if you have braces or not, you’ll be thanking me! )

A deodorant! How very interesting, right? 🙂 My last one was a roll-on, no idea why I got it, I hate the wet feeling they give you, I much prefer spray version – so that is what I got; Fa yogurt & aloe. Don’t recommend, they live white residue on your clothes.

Avon stuff review; from worst to best; trio eyeshadow Onyx lustre, onyx quartz (not happy, it creases) and Onyx lustre tri – lip gloss in peach sparkle; it’s ok – all this three shades that blend together, no idea what that is for, I would be just as happy with just one good peach sparkle shade. The third is the best one; nourishing body lotion for dry skin, with almond and cocoa butter (no link found). It’s spreadable, you only need a little, it goes into the skin quickly, and it gives your skin a velvety texture, hours after you apply it. It’s predecessor was Dry skin SOS; it didn’t smell as nicely, but the effect is the same. Both are very good winter body lotions! Plus, the bottles are 400 ml, it’s bottomless!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tom
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 21:23:21

    Hey GrinningBookFairy – What brand of the plaque disclosing tablets do you use? Are they the same pink color? Let me know when you do the special post!


  2. grinningbookfairy
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 15:09:23

    Hey Tom – I am letting you know the review is written and published! 🙂


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