Immature spoiled brat!!!!

My brother just majorly pissed me of !!!!!

He is the example that good examples does not work.

Mom stopped ironing his stuff, and told him that when he does something to help around the house, or something for the family ( meaning walking the dog, cleaning, helping…) she will iron for the same amount of time as he is doing the task.

What does he do, now that his pile is piling up? He packed the stuff and is taking them to grandmas. Granma is the total opposite of us, (mom & me) she thinks supporting lazy sons and grandsons is supporting them, she does not belive in tough love(not beating, just not always wiping their butts) or saying no.

I am so, so angry and sad that my brother is this kind of person. He does not see one fault in himself. Not One. He does not give back. He thinks he must be catered all the time. He doesn’t apologise, yet is offended by simplest criticism.
No idea how he gt that way, I really don’t, we certainly didn’t (I am much older) raise him that way, nobody around him believes in man over woman bullshit, even our dad, who granted wasn’t around much, but he certainly cooks and cleans and does chores as it’s something normal, not the exception.

But my brother, he…I am crying. I don’t want him to be this way. I despise such characteristics in other people, and yet, that is how he is. What the hell am I suppose to do? He is not a child anymore, yet he acts like one, selfish to the bone.



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