Spring gardening, the beginning

Trees pruned. ( A friend came over with all the tools and knowledge.) Hopefully we will have more than two apples this year, and that the pears will be full. Most important, the hazelnuts that are close to the veggie garden were “diluted” (I am sure it’s the wrong expression, I am trying to say that some of the branches were removed so more sun will come through).

Garden shoveled (is that how it’s called when you turn the soil so it’s prepared for planting? Oh, found it; it’s called “digging the garden to break up compacted soil”  – ours was all hard because the dog has been running on it the whole winter, and we also had a big bunch of branches from last autumn when we pruned some of the trees, from which I made a bonfire last week).

Grass mowed.

Weeds in flower beds removed; soil from the shop added.

Herb garden  weeded.

Blackberries & raspberries weeded and the soil around it dug so it’s nice and light.

Artificial manure dug in all of the above.

Me and my bro dug in the concrete “fence” around the last part of the veggie garden that wasn’t “fenced”, they were just lying on the ground for a few years now, and now we finally dug them in.

Muscles sore.

Now on to planting!!


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