Orthos visit #9! Talk about a shock!!!


Ok; so I’ll go chronological.

In the waiting room, I met a girl who was debraced on her last appointment.

She told me she got the wire installed on both sides (top and bottom) and she has to wear a retainer. I always had in mind that I would have to wear those old fashion retainer that I had as a child. NO!! They are this BEAUTIFUL plastic ones, that look just like invisalign!! Unoticable!! I was sitting next to the girl, and I didn’t notice it untill I basically leaned into her mouth.


She told me the wire doesn’t hurt her tongue at all, and I read quite a lot how people were more hurt by the inside wire than their braces, so that was another good news. And she had to wear braces because she hold her tongue in a way that it pushes her teeth, so if it doesn’t bother her, it shouldn’t bother me.

Than I go in; she looks all around me with the little mirror of hers, and says “it couldn’t be more beautiful!! She gives me elastics to wear on my left side, too, and not on the bottom fourth anymore, bot third, on both sides.

She filled the bottom of my previously crooked tooth. See, that tooth previously never touched any food, so it was still jagged on the bottom, like kids have, and according to her, if there are cracks, and you don’t file it, it will just cause the crack to go up the teeth and ruin it (Like the nails; if it’s chipped, and you don’t cut it, it will go furder down the nail). She said she will file my bottoms next time.

And…wait for it….




Wait for it…







Tells me THE NEXT APPOINTMENT IS DEBRACING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never ever expected it!!! And I don’t want it yet 😦               I love my braces!!!

Anyhow, June 4th is the day!

(She said unless she thinks there will still be something left to do. But most probably not.)

She explained how I’ll come in, she’ll debrace me, which takes about an hour, they will take the mold, and I come back 3 hours later for my retainer. And that will be it 🙂

The girl in the waiting room said her debracing didn’t hurt at all, and after hearing horror stories about that too, another breath of relief was sighted.

OMG!!! I still can’t belive it!! 1 year 4 months later, and it could all be over…

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