– My elastics are working good. I still feel like I’ve put it on wrong because they are in different position than before, but I am getting used to it.

 – It’s been over a month since my haircut, and I think I need to go again, they have grown and with short hair, you need regular updates. Maybe tomorrow.

 – I’m going to a bachelorette party on saturday!

-I run out of my “winter” moisturizer, so I switched back to my “autumn/spring” one, turned out it was not such a bright idea. I totally broke out overnight. So I bought Garnier essentials replenishing day care. It’s for dry skin(that i have) , doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, and it’s not gel(I already established by now that I do not like gel moisturizer. I do have another theory, though. I have started taking my B complex vitamins again, and even though vitamin B is supposed to be good for the skin, I don’t think it is for me. I’ll go off them for a few weeks and see what happens. (One of the components is biotin, and that is supposedly super good for skin and nails, just not for me, I guess.

– I epilated(?? What is the word? I used an epilator, so…I epilated? ) //Oh dear, it can also be called depilator. What is the difference? //my legs today. Hate shaving. Will take wax or using an epilator any day over a razor.

– Is it very wrong to buy my mom a birthday gift that costs only 10€?

– I was thinking, since I only have about two more months in braces, I need to start getting through my supplies of orthodontic equipment or I’ll be left with a bunch of stuff to use on braces and – no braces!

– My current tv obsession is Masterchef Australia (I don’t want to find a link to it, because I just might glimpse who won. And I don’t want to know? It’s Chris, right? I am at a point where Poh left. Also Stargate Universe.

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