This week, it’s all about friends.

My we-haven’t-been-talking-for-2-months BFF contacted me, and we have been causaly-yet-carefully texting last few days. It wasn’t about anything important, just chatting, but it is something.

I am confused about it, because I have no idea how to behave when we will see each other again. Like nothing happened? because I really don’t want to talk about what happened.

Than, this morning, I got an email from my uni-girls, who i used to meet weekly, but haven’t seen since summer, we have been in touch over email, but rarely and just few sentence – “I am not coming” was the usual.  But today, they wrote that they were talking about coming to visit me, since I never visit them…

And I am confused about that too. Because honestly…Yes, I want to see them, but am not over the moon about it; and I don’t want it to be for a long time, but if they come here, it’s going to be a whole day meeting, and I just don’t want it.

But I’ll do it, because if they offered something like that, I have to say yes.

The third point is the bachelorette party tomorrow. I’ll be with the original group of uni friends, and am looking forward to it. Now that I have my stomach issues under control as best as ever in the last 6 years, it’s really nice to look forward towards going somewhere. It really is.

I am very happy with how we planned it – she doesn’t want over the top things, and we managed to find games that are appropriate, but not going to make her uncomfortable. A little embarrassing, but that goes with the territory 🙂


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