First at-friends party while being gluten free

A LOT happened this weekend, but sunday is food day, so I’ll limit myself. I am too tired to think too much anyway 🙂

Yesterday I was at a bachelorette party, today at a Bday party. Just so you’ll know what i am talking about 🙂

So. I packed some cookies and 4 pieces of GF bread. I knew we would eat at a restaurant, so I thought I’ll order something safe there. And let me tell you, it all worked out – well, I don’t know about consequences yet, we’ll see tomorrow how much I’ll pay for my transgressions…

Yesterday,  there was a lot of sweets that I had hard time resisting…looking at all these delicious cakes and deserts is torture. I sacrificed them for eating a sorta-bread-roll (and lasagna today) at a restaurant. They are famous for these filled bread rolls (ham& cheese, tuna fish, veggie filling)  and I had to have one. Others ate 4 of them, I ordered a salad and a bread roll, so I sinned, but it was a must.

Than back at her(future bride) place, I had potato chips (nearly sliced half my thumb of while opening it, I am not used to sharp knives!!) and looked at a bag afterwards, it said “it can contain traces of gluten”, but that is ok, I don’t want my food to contain flour as a main ingredient. I also had pistachios (bad for people with braces, but come on!! It was a party!! )I had a few of my GF cookies, and brought my bread to the table and placed the cheese& prosciutto from normal bread onto mine, done.

The whole thing about having a specific diet is not to complicate things. But sometimes saying “no thank you” to everybody is not easy.

So that all went well. Today, at a Bday party, I decided to have lasagna. Que sera, sera.

Thank god my grandmas chocolate cake doesn’t contain flour (she has been making it for 50 years, it’s not on my account 🙂  ) and my aunts cheese cake is also flour free – only the top that you can easily remove and make somebody (like your cousin) very happy, because it’s their favourite part 🙂

So – I am very satisfied (so far!! I don’t want to jinx it!! I usually feel the results the next day, so….) with how it all played out. Now I am off to sleep. before that, I’ll eat another bread roll that the future bride forced me to take home so I can eat it in safe environment 😀         

— – – – – – I just want to add that I know that not following GF diet is not funny, and should be taken lightly. Since I am new to it, I experimented and since it was a very happy occasion. Just wanted to say this out loud, because I hate it when people make fun out of diets and food regimes. – – – – –


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