The aftermath

No bowel troubles – yet. More activity than usual, but I ate a lot, so I am attributing that to that. That is one eloquent sentence now, is it.

Bruised mouth. I didn’t wear elastics most of the night (I put them in when I went to sleep) because we were eating the whole time, and there was no point in having them in. But there was a lot of talking and laughter and my braces showed their teeth – pun intended, lol

Not drinking alcohol is a very good idea. Drinking lots of fluids even better.

No really nice photo of me – but I’ve only seen my pics, I am hoping when I see others there might be some useful. Call me what you want, I like having nice pics of me. Especially now that I have new hair and am not worried how my teeth or mouth look.

My friend told me I have “vampire mouth” now with my two elastics 😀

Not using your thumb complicates your life.

Using that white garden sheet thingy for creating wedding dress for bachelorette party games is awesome. Jeeez, finally found it – it’s called frost cover.


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