Potting plants.

I re-potted several of my pots a few weeks ago, and I googled it, just for fun, to see if I am doing something wrong..

Good decision!! I never ever thought you could choose a pot that is too big!!!

Listen to this:

“A common tendency, when potting plants, is to use too large a container. This fault is provocative of over watering, sour soil, and an early demise of the plant. Plants that con­tinue to live under these circumstances just about hold their own; they seldom increase in size or show any signs of active growth. Also, many species stubbornly refuse to produce flowers unless their roots are somewhat pot bound. This is commonly the case with Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, Clivia, Agapanthus, snake plant (Sansetderia), and jade plant (Crassula portulacea). There is nothing to be gained by giving a plant more soil than its roots need or can use.”



The snake plant has this thick mass of orange roots, that go all around the pot, when you pull them out, you feel like a slave driver for forcing them to be squeezed in so tightly in the pots…Now it turns out they like it!

Back to repotting; this is a great page, it even has pictures 🙂

I do have a comment; I don’t do the whole mix-it-with-water-untill-it’s-like-muffin-bater. I mix soil from the store with some garden soil, because I belive the “bag soil” it’s too concentrated. Don’t ask me to explain it scientifically, it’s a gut feeling.

Another thing; I have seen people plant in just one pot. The “decorative” one, without holes on the bottom. WRONG!!! Plants must be potted in clay or plastic container with holes on the bottom first; the water must have the chance to get out of the pot. If you like the clay pots, you don’t need another one around it, but you need a “platter” underneath (no idea how it’s called, it’s the thingy to put under the pot so the water doesn’t get on your window still – or wherever you have your plats. If you use plastic containers/pots, you can put a decorative put around it. I always first check which pots match together, it’s no use if I plant them and then have nowhere to put them in.

I love repotting, I love raising new plants out of older, bigger ones…

To do that; break away  – or cut – a branch of the plant (if it’s not the kind of plant that grows its own young plants) and put it in the vase/water. I can’t explain with which plants it works and doesn’t work. It’s a trial and error thing. Let it in the water untill it dies or it grows roots. Bingo, now you can plant it.

a lot of people say “oh, i kill every plant I get”. So what. Maybe you just haven’t found one you can raise. All you need to know is that it’s not always watering that is the problems. Some don’t like too much light, others don’t like shadows. Some hate drought, others can live in every conditions. Some need water every two days, others every two weeks.

So don’t get discouraged, just try it. It’s not expensive and it’s fun. Good luck!!

p.s. I just counted. I have 25 plants in my room alone 🙂 They range from aloe vera, to avocado, hibiscus and dracaena. I’ll made another post just to describe some plants that I have, because when I googled “most popular house plants”, I realised I have a lot of them, so I’ll describe my experiences with them, maybe it helps people.


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