Football fun

Last night was great.

Guardiola vs Mourinho.

Ronaldo vs Messi.

Cassilas vs Valdes.

A goal vs empty net.(Ok, they scored, too bad it was a offside. )

Imho, Cassilas was the hero of the game. He cooled down very, very hot heads, and he made great saves. And this was his first time that he won a spanish cup – ok, it really was his night:)

I like to root for the underdog, and since I am no expert, but my brother sort of is, and he said Real was the underdog, I am happy they won.

I changed my mind. The hero was the referee. He had to listen to so many complains, he was crowded the whole time, the first riot broke out in the 3rd minute of the game, and he looked composed and collected like nothing is happening around him.

LOL moment – afterwards they dropped the cup and it fell off the bus. the driver saved it, but still. Come on.

I have to say  one more thing about the boys; they looked goooood. Xavi Alonso,  Pique, pretty boys; Ronaldo is just beautiful, greek gods style, Casillas is sexy, and Mourinho, man, he oozes the charm. And you can say what you want about him, his ego, his self assurance….But he knows how to win. He has won a cup every year since 2003. You oughta respect that!


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