The egg day

As much as I like to think myself of being earth friendly, I sometimes majorly fail.

Today I wanted to color the eggs with natural colors. Yeah right.

One is still bathing in curcuma mixture, I gave up on red paprika powder one. I just used artificial colors from the bag for the others. (Other options were red beet, blueberry juice, red cabbage…)

I know 100% that onion peels work, but you have to remember to start putting hem aside a few weeks before the coloring, because you ned a lot of them.

I did use the elastic trick – wrap an elastic or a string around the egg before dipping them in the dye. It works.

My personal favourite is still stocking+ leaves one. If you haven’t heard yet; cut stocking that you were going to throw away at…knee lenght. Than go out and find grass leaves that can leave nice impressions – dandelion is great. Birch leaves also. It has to be big enough to be handled easily, but  not to small because it won’t leave an impression that way. Place the leaf on the egg. pull the stocking over so it gets snuggly right where your toes used to be. Check if the leaf is still how you want it. Make a knot in the end and place in any dye you want. When you take it out, you should have a nice impression on your egg.

I have such nice blue and green fingers, from handling the stockings, lol…I love that!!


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